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EasyAR Leap Motion Develops Creative AR Content

AlbertLee 2017-9-8 15:25

EasyAR Leap Motion Develops Creative AR Content

Since basic AR technology has become mature, times for AR developers is coming (like golden rush in App Store). How do we stand out in the competition? The answer is AR ideas. For developers, ideas in mobile device can be developed based on EasyAR SDK. Moreover, EasyAR SDK, together with other black technology, can have other amazing effects. Here we only give you some ideas---EasyAR SDK , together with other hardware, can make creative AR content.

Development Preview:

Our desired effect like that:

Difference lies in image targets.

Step 1:Leap Motion Preparation

Leap Motion is needed to achieve such effect.

Download Leap Motion SDK for unity in its official website(

Since Leap Motion mainly support VR development, errors will be given after import SDK into Unity. So you can use this version: Link:

Create a project in Unity and import Leap Motion, like that:

Delete "OVR" and "LeapMotion+OVR" because they are for VR development. We don’t use it now.

Open LeapMotion/Scenes/FlowerAndRobot

Step 2:EasyAR Development

Download EasyAR sdk 2.0 for unity from official website.


Import it into Unity. Apply Key from EasyAR website. Delete Main Camera of previous scene. Drag "EasyAR_Startup" here.

Fill in Key:

Drag ImageTarget into Hierarchy

Create a file and name it "StreamingAssets" to store targets.

Our thinking is that scan the image target , flowers pop up and achieve hands interaction by Leap Motion. There are details of Image Target. You can check it here:

Here we use script in HelloAR samples to design image targets. Drag the script of Helloar--- EasyImageTargetBehaviour to Unity

Remove ImageTargetBehaviour script component in previous image target. Drag EasyImageTargetBehaviour.cs and put it on our new target.

Fill in information of the target.

At last, we need to: drag FloweryPlant and PinchingHand in ImageTarget and take them as submodule.

Now test it and it can achieve the effect we talked about in the beginning. This is just a beginning. For example, we can develop App featuring AR in mobile device+gesture operation by uSens Fingo + EasyAR 2.0. This is the powerful advantage of EasyAR SDK.