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EasyAR Common Technical Problems(Updating)

AlbertLee 2017-9-13 11:15

EasyAR Common Technical Problems

We often confront technical problems in EasyAR developing. Here I sum up problems encountered in AR developing.

1.Language Support in EasyAR Developing


(1)Set up camera

Camera Focus

3.Model shaking

First, your target texture must be complicated.

(1)Solution onerecreate an ARCamera to render the target, copy its position and angle to make Vector3.Slerp move slowly.

We will sum up solutions in a tutorial later.

4. Model displaying without targets


5. Screen-recording Project

EasyAR Beginners Guide5---Screen-recording -------

6. Screenshot

EasyAR Developing Skills----Screenshot ----

7. SightPlus App Scanning for special effect

Our solution is to use Unity camera filter.

8. Targets tracked by EasyAR

EasyAR doesn’t limit targets tracking quantity. The quantity lies in hardware performance and target size in the scene. It can track over 10 targets in PC while in popular smart phones, it can track 4 to 6 targets. But we suggest not to track many targets, which will influence user’s experience.

9. iOS Run and EasyAR Scene Out

Add rights in info.plist


10. Error: EasyAR is running on an unsupported graphics device of type -4.

Solutions:Usually this is not a bug in EasyAR or Unity, but a problem with the way the XCode project is combined.

In order to display correctly, you first need to ensure that the Graphics Device is set to GLES2 as described in the documentation.

Then you need to make sure that UnityRegisterRenderingPlugin(&ezarUnitySetGraphicsDevice, &ezarUnityRenderEvent); is called normally (just look at the code next to this code to see if it is called). If it is not called, it is definitely not normal. This code is in EasyARAppController.shouldAttachRenderDelegate if the file is not changed.

If you are not called, please find the reason yourself. There are many possibilities. The most common one is similar to the previous one (although the problem itself is not the same, the reason behind it is the same), that is, using IMPL_APP_CONTROLLER_SUBCLASS to register more, so Some (such as EasyAR) will not work. At this time, if there are multiple IMPL_APP_CONTROLLER_SUBCLASS or similar things, they need to be merged together. But other situations need to be based on the specific code to know where the problem is.

In addition, any Unity plugin that uses the native render plugin will have similar problems, so this should not be a new problem, but the plugins that use the unity native render plugin are less likely to be encountered.

11.When using the SDK Pro to package Unity files into Xcode, an error occurred:

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:  "_sgels_", referenced from: l4848 in libEasyARUnity.a(libEasyARUnity.a-arm64-master.o)......

Solutions:For EasyAR SDK Pro, you need these additional frameworks: Accelerate.framework CoreMotion.framework

You can refer to the link

If you have any questions, leave your commets.


  • jenhou 2019-9-18 17:28
    I noticed that i'm still able to detect deleted target, is it the expected result?
  • ramuchilla 2019-3-14 20:41
    when I'm building for ios device it is stuck there only.
    - I added the libc++.tbd  and Enable bit code to no and also added the camera usage description
    - I have made a project in unity I keep the settings same in the documentation
          I'm using unity 2018 and X code 10.1

    please help me to fix the issue
  • ouzari 2019-1-1 18:32
    richardfalcoos: Hi, I would like some help: I'm using EasyAR 2.0, I recently upgraded my Unity3D to the 2018 version, after the change, I'm encountering problems: whi ...
    I had the same problem and I have solve it by adding camera permission to androidmanifest.xml file in unity.
  • artius 2018-12-4 23:54
    Hi. I'm trying to build my Unity Project with EasyAR SDK for IOS. At first i had got black screen, but all targets was recognized. Then i had tryed the solution from FAQ with replacing AppController with but Xcode returns me an error:

    Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
      "_MMTUnityRenderEvent", referenced from:
          _ezarUnityRenderEventMerge in EasyARAppController.o
      "_MMTUnitySetGraphicsDevice", referenced from:
          _ezarUnitySetGraphicsDeviceMerge in EasyARAppController.o
    ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
    clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

    I also had included GameKit and some other frameworks in Unity EasyARAppController settings, but it didn't help.
    Maybe you can help me to solve this issue, or direct me where to dig?
    Great thanks.
  • richardfalcoos 2018-9-27 07:16
    Hi, I would like some help:
    I'm using EasyAR 2.0, I recently upgraded my Unity3D to the 2018 version, after the change, I'm encountering problems: while the project is on the computer works perfectly with WebCAM, but when I send the apk to the google Store project is loaded, the Unity3D logo appears,
    but the camera on the phone is all black. Help me please.
  • vincelehman9 2018-9-11 16:26
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