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AlbertLee 2019-4-7 17:45

1.Development environmentUnity 2018 2.4f1 + EasyAR 2.3.0 SDK2.Import UnitypackageCreate a new unity project named ARVideoGo to the EasyAR website( and downloa ...

1.Development environment

Unity 2018 2.4f1  + EasyAR 2.3.0 SDK

2.Import Unitypackage

Create a new unity project named ARVideo

Go to the EasyAR website( and download EasyAR SDK 2.3.0 Basic for Unity3D(unitypackage)

Delete Main Camera, drag EasyAR_ImageTracker-1 to Hierarchy and fill in the Key

Drag ImageTarget  to the Hierarchy and name it "Local_Play"

3.Local video playback

We create a new script: SampleImageTargetBehaviour , which is mainly used to judge the found and lost of the image target.

Delete the script (ImageTargetBehaviour) on the ImageTarget component and hang our newly created script(SampleImageTargetBehaviour )

Create a new folder: StreamingAssets to put our image target and video resources
Ps: the image target used by this case demo (namecard)

Fill in the image target information

Then create a new Plane under ImageTarget and adjust the size appropriately.

Hang a script on the plane: VideoPlayerBehaviour. And set its parameters, examples are as follows:

Packaged into APK, can be tested on the mobile side (currently does not support direct testing on the PC side)

  • ozlgktg 2020-3-16 05:42
    In Unity preview there is no problem. But on android phone, video is frozen suddenly. Do you know whats the reason of this issue? Thanks...