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3D object recognition and tracking

AlbertLee 2019-4-27 18:45

Step1:Development environment1. Apply for a Pro license key on the EasyAR website ( Download EasyAR SDK Pro for unitypackage3.Create a new ...

Step1: Development environment

1. Apply for a Pro license key on the EasyAR website    (

2. Download EasyAR SDK Pro for unitypackage

3.Create a new Unity project and import the downloaded Unitypackage

Step2 :3D model requirements

It is critical to prepare the 3D object being tracked, so you need to read this document carefully

Then create a new folder (Streaming Assets) in unity to store our model files.

Step3: Development

1. Delete the original Main camera and drag the prefab EasyAR_ImageTracker-1_ObjectTracker-1 into the panel

2. Fill in the Pro license key

3. Drag the prefab  "ObjectTarget"  into the panel

4. Create a new script "SampleObjectTargetBehaviour"

Fill in the relevant information and you can go to run it.