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EasyAR Sense 4.0 is Available.

2020-1-2 16:10| Publisher: AlbertLee| Views: 51| Comments: 0

On December 31st (China Standard Time), EasyAR SDK 4.0 - the most powerful EasyAR engine in history - is officially released by SightPlus information technology (Shanghai) Inc., one of the world leading AR open platform companies.


EasyAR SDK 4.0 newly supports Spatial Map function. Through EasyAR Sptatial Map, you can experience a better AR experience with persistence, occlusion and multi-user sharing.

-       Persistence

EasyAR Spatial Map can persistently link and save the AR content to its location in real world with its centimeter-level relocation ability.

-       Occlusion

EasyAR Spatial Map can understand the structure and semantics of the 3D spatial physical environment. Based on this ability, virtual objects can perceive the physical world and therefore achieve occlusion and collision effects.

-       Multi-person sharing

EasyAR Spatial Map can be shared locally or through cloud, enabling multiple users to interact in the same space sharing the same AR content.

Developers can create more valuable AR applications with EasyAR 4.0, allowing AR to be more widely used in games, retail, tourism, education, manufacturing, industrial and other industries.

The powerful features of EasyAR 4.0 will help us to build a world where virtual objects are merged into real world and everything is interconnected. Using the AR Cloud of EasyAR, you can map the real world. By scanning any real objects with mobile phones or AR glasses, you can get the corresponding information in virtual world. AR navigation is also achieved through such function. EasyAR 4.0 has a very wide range of application scenarios, such as AR navigation, AR multiplayer games, AR cities and so on. AR will thus enter the era of spatial computing.

EasyAR has been offering a competitive price and flexible subscription solutions to meet the demands of projects of all sizes. EasyAR SDK 4.0 allows developers to choose from a free personal version, a professional version originally costing $39/month and $25/month during Developer’s Day promotion, and an enterprise version that provides more customized services.

EasyAR has been listed as the preferred tool by more and more developers with its features of simplicity, ease-to-use and powerful functions. As of now, EasyAR is the choice of more than 100,000 developers worldwide, and it is reasonable to believe that with the release of EasyAR 4.0, this record will soon be broken.

EasyAR Sense 4.0 is Available.

Realizing spatial computing and supporting Spatial Map, occlusion, collision, multi-user AR, persistent AR,

Optional versions are only making it more powerful.

-       Sparse Spatial Map

Multi-user and persistent AR experiences can now be easily implemented.

The Sparse Spatial Map provides the ability to generate point cloud maps and perform hight-precision real-time positioning by scanning physical space.

Allowing you to quickly create applications based on real space,

And truly connect virtual and reality

-       Dense Spatial Map

No need of depth camera,

You can build high-quality dense spatial maps

With ordinary even under strong light, shadow or other extreme environments and while running.

With the realization of collision and occlusion effects,

AR contents can blend seamlessly with real environments.

-       Motion Tracking

Provides multi-sensor fusion to solve position and attitude.

Reduces drift due to camera movement.

Allows the virtual objects to be more stable in the space.

Android no longer needs to depend on ARCore services,

Positioning can also be quickly restored after loosing track.


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