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EasyAR Common Technical Problems(Updating)

AlbertLee 2017-9-13 11:15

EasyAR Common Technical Problems

We often confront technical problems in EasyAR developing. Here I sum up problems encountered in AR developing.

1.Language Support in EasyAR Developing


(1)Set up camera

Camera Focus

3.Model shaking

First, your target texture must be complicated.

(1)Solution onerecreate an ARCamera to render the target, copy its position and angle to make Vector3.Slerp move slowly.

We will sum up solutions in a tutorial later.

4.Model displaying without targets


5.Screen-recording Project

EasyAR Beginners Guide5---Screen-recording -------


EasyAR Developing Skills----Screenshot ----

7.SightPlus App Scanning for special effect

Our solution is to use Unity camera filter.

8.Targets tracked by EasyAR

EasyAR doesn’t limit targets tracking quantity. The quantity lies in hardware performance and target size in the scene. It can track over 10 targets in PC while in popular smart phones, it can track 4 to 6 targets. But we suggest not to track many targets, which will influence user’s experience.

9.iOS Run and EasyAR Scene Out

Add rights in info.plist


If you have any questions, leave your commets.


  • cortbit 2017-11-14 17:03
    当未检测到摄像头时,应用出现卡死的现像,理论只应当出现“fail to build AR”而不应该卡死,望解决(优化)

    When the camera is not found, the application of stuck phenomenon, the should return "fail to build AR" and should not be stuck, hope to solve (or optimization)
  • dunielson 2017-9-18 01:28
    Can you please explain and share a code or project example for

    7.SightPlus App Scanning for special effect
    Our solution is to use Unity camera filter.

    I would like to use such an effect in my application.  Thank you for such a good product.